teaching-itThe explosion of the internet usage in the 90’s brought about major changes in the job industry. One of the most visible changes is the growth of the IT industry. Currently, most businesses and government functions occur online. This creates a need for knowledgeable teachers train people on the various aspects.

There is definitely more IT teaching opportunities in the various primary and secondary schools in the UK. These opportunities came about when the government realized the potential of this growing industry. The earlier you expose kids to IT related content, the better they become when they pursue future careers in this industry. Thus, you will find many opportunities to teach IT in these preparatory institutions. Private schools are a great avenue for you to push your IT teaching skills to a new level. Such schools are heavily funded by industry and normally have the latest IT teaching material.

If you want to teach more advanced IT courses, you can get such opportunities in most colleges in the UK. Colleges are mostly focused on teaching how abstract knowledge might be put into practice. Moreover, colleges offering IT teaching opportunities experiment on how IT might be adopted in other related industries. Thus, if you choose to teach in such colleges, you will benefit from the application of IT technology in different sectors. You will therefore have to learn a wider range of courses to enable you to succeed in your teaching practice. This will significantly add on to your workload and might affect your work and life balance.

There are also teaching opportunities for graduate or recent graduates within the IT industry. Such opportunities are mostly found in universities. Teaching IT at the university is mostly theory based. You will therefore flourish if you already have a taste of university life. If you want to further your IT studies into s Masters or PhD level, teaching is a great way to both give and gain new knowledge. Your professors are a valuable resource to help you get into university IT teaching opportunities. You might also benefit by checking for such opportunities in your university career centre if you are a recent graduate.

You might also choose to teach IT for free or organize for IT classes within your community. You can organize classes for students in primary and secondary schools during their school breaks. You can also charge private tuition to help such students improve their IT skills. The tuition can be extended to both college and university students. Confirm the necessary labor laws before starting such classes. If you just want to share knowledge, you might organise free IT classes in your local town hall or join existing IT hubs in your area and teach.

Part time teaching opportunities in IT are also available. Part time opportunities are great if you cannot find full time opportunities or when you have another job. As a part time teacher, you will shadow the full time IT teachers or have your own separate classes. If you have the energy, you can enroll for part time teaching at various institutions. This is a great way to gain teaching experience from several institutions and make some extra pounds. If you want to pursue this line of teaching, make sure that your classes do not clash and avoid taking up too much responsibility.

Finally, there is an expanding market for freelance IT tutors in industry. The continual demand for skills in Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, means that IT training Companies are always looking for skilled teachers. Contracts are usually on a self-employed freelance basis and have the advantage of being flexible in respect of   working hours. All that is normally required is certificate in adult education such as the City & Guilds PTTLS (Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Sector). Microsoft Certification is also an advantage and available through IT training providers such as Paul Brown Associates Limited who provide Microsoft Office short courses.