microsoft-trainingCareer progression in today’s fast paced world largely depends on continuous improvement. It is no longer sufficient to have your university qualifications that you received eons ago. You always need to be working towards getting new certifications to improve your knowledge, boost your earning potential, and be more effective in your current job.

A Microsoft Certification course is one of the great courses that everyone should enroll for. As the name suggests, these courses are the brainchild of the Microsoft Corporation. The courses have been offered since the early days of the inception of Microsoft.

Largely, these courses focus on providing you with deeper knowledge of particular Microsoft products. While most people are familiar with Microsoft Office, there are many other Microsoft products in the market are niche targeted.  Since some of the Microsoft products are highly technical, it is therefore a great idea to acquire certification to prove your proficiency.

If interested in enrolling for these courses, the best place to start is the Microsoft online learning center. On the site, you will receive further guidance on how to enroll for the courses. However, there are many independently run centres that offer these courses. Paul Brown Training Limited are a leading UK training provider with a proven track record. They specialise in onsite training and can deliver Microsoft courses at clients’ offices anywhere in the country.

The final decisions of where you want to take up the courses will depend on your learning style. If you are comfortable spending long hours studying on your own, the best place to enroll for the courses is using Microsoft’s e-learning center. However, if you learn best in classrooms, it might be a great idea to enroll for the physical classes offered by some centres.

The average cost of taking the courses online is around $40. Taking the courses from a private provider might cost you more than that. Make sure that the private provider offering the courses is Microsoft certified before you enroll.

After choosing where to enroll, your key focus should be passing the exam. Some of the courses have a relatively high pass mark. You will therefore need to be strategic in your studies. If you choose to take the online courses, Microsoft provides study aids that you will find useful in your exam preparations.

The site offers either instructor led training. You can also choose to lead the training yourself. While you can source most of the study material from the Microsoft website, it is a good idea to check out other websites that provide similar material. Studying using this route requires the highest form of discipline from your part.

If you have enrolled in a certified center, your teachers are a valuable source of knowledge that you should use during your studies. Additionally, joining a committed study group is a great idea to augment your individual study efforts.

The Microsoft Certified Database Administrator is one of the most prized courses. Another popular course is the Microsoft Certified Application Developer. Generally, there are several courses in broad areas such as databases, desktop, developer etc. You can take as many courses as you wish. Should you fail to pass the first time, Microsoft offers a free exam retake on certain conditions.

These courses are a great way to boost your career. Most of the knowledge acquired by taking the courses will be useful in your entire career. Some courses do require renewal of the certification after some time.  Moreover, you can upgrade your certification if a new course comes up.