interviewCongratulations, a potential employer has shortlisted you. The employer now wishes to have an interview before making the final decision on your candidacy. The interview is the final hurdle for you to overcome in order to land on the job of your dreams. This article gives you some tips you can apply to perform well at your interview.

Preparing For Your Interview

Get as much detail as you possibly can to enable you prepare for your interview. For starters, know the time and place of the interview. Confirm whether it would be a group interview, panel interview, or a solo interviewer.

Know as much as you can about the company that will be interviewing you. Brush up your answers to common interview questions. Try to have a mock interview before the actual interview. Practicing your answers boosts your confidence levels. Shop for some official wear if you do not already have some.

Dressing for Success

How you look determines whether people judge you favorably or otherwise. Your dressing is an important factor when it comes to your looks. Always attend your interviews dressed in office wear. Keep in mind that not all office wear is equal.

When it comes to dressing, how much you spend on a piece of clothing is irrelevant. If you can buy designer labels, go ahead and do it. Regardless of where you shop, aim for a neat professional look. Shop for conservative colors such as navy blue, grey, or black. Make sure your clothes are of the right fit to guarantee your comfort during the interview.

The Interview

Arrive early for your interview. When ushered into the interview room, great the interviewer(s) with a firm handshake and a smile. Watch your body language since over 70% of human communication occurs through body language.

Answer the interviewer(s) questions concisely and truthfully. If you do not know an answer to a particular question, ask for more clarification or tell the interviewer that you do not know the answer. The purpose of the interview is to get to know a potential candidate better. Thus, show the best aspects of your personality during the interview.

Do not regurgitate what is written on your CV or give canned answers. If you are before a panel interview, always speak while shifting your gaze from one interviewer to another. When in a group interview, do not try to monopolize the answering of questions or blatantly try to outshine the rest of the interviewees.

You should ask as many questions as you wish during the interview. This is where the research you conducted comes in handy. However, it is not a good idea to start asking questions related to your pay before the interviewer offers you a job.

After the Interview 

Conclude your interview by asking the interviewer the date they will make their final decision. Verbally thank the interviewer(s) and shake their hands at the end of the interview. If you feel that you missed something during the interview, send the company a thank you email and include what you missed in the email.

Do not call the company before the date when they informed you that they will make their final decision. Moreover, any type of canvassing must be avoided as you will get disqualified when found out. If the company makes an offer to you, you can now negotiate issues relating to your salary.