teacherTeaching is a noble profession. It gives you an opportunity to shape the lives of your learners forever. Most of us remember that one great teacher who gave her all in her work. Working as a teacher is also a great way to make a decent income. To enjoy all these benefits, you need to get some proper training.

Going to Varsity

Joining varsity to take teaching degrees is the most popular way to get trained as a teacher in the UK. Most students prefer this route considering the quality of scholarship and social life that universities offer.

If your parents cannot pay your tuition fees, several student loan providers will assist you to make your dream come true. While you will save a considerable amount of pounds going to foreign universities, this is not recommended as you will find it harder to land a job once you graduate.

The Teach First Programme

If you are eager to join the teaching profession as soon as possible, joining a teach first training program might be the best route for you to acquire teaching training. This route also gives you an opportunity to test the waters as to whether you are suited for the teaching profession.

This type of training program is normally provided by schools that have students not performing to their best possible intellectual capacities. Within two years of working in a school offering this program, you will gain teaching qualifications. You also have the opportunity to further your studies by taking a Masters course in teaching.

School-Centred Initial Teacher Training

As the name suggests, you will gain your teaching qualification while working in a particular school. If you are interested in pursuing this method of training, do some research on the schools that have been approved to offer this type of training in the UK.

This type of training largely relies on gaining practical teaching experience. The training is supervised by experienced teacher who might give you some valuable insight on what you need to be successful and help you with leads on future job opportunities. This is a great way to build your professional network.

School Direct Training Programme

In this type of training, you will gain your teaching qualification by working in a particular school offering this training. At times, different schools will collaborate to offer training. In such a case, you have the opportunity to gain experience from different institutions.

This program offers salaried training opportunities for graduates with over three years work experience.  The unsalaried option of this program is a great way for you to get teachers training without going to university. Given the choice, choose to get your training in reputable schools to increase your future employment prospects.


As discussed above, there are many ways for you to get trained as a teacher. Considering the rising costs of tuition fees in most varsities, it is a great idea to explore the on the job training options. Nevertheless, if you choose to go to varsity, strive to get admitted in the most reputable schools.

Teaching is a viable career option. The training you go through in your effort to join this career will play a major role in determining your future success. Depending on your individual needs, you can explore any of the training methods discussed in this article.