primary-schoolWith your qualifications in hand, you are out in the streets looking for your first job. How you go about looking for the job is very important. Considering the rising unemployment rates among recent graduates in the UK, you need a solid strategy to enable you to land in your first job.

Choosing a Location

Ideally, focus your job search on any of the three regions of the UK. You have a choice of working in England, Scotland, or Wales. There are both advantages and disadvantages of working in any of these three regions.

For starters, it is a good idea to apply in the region that you currently reside in. This saves you from incurring extra costs for relocation. However, you can choose to relocate to a region that has the possibility of offering you higher wages or better working conditions. Whatever you settle for, do your homework before settling for a particular region.

Having the Right Qualifications

Having the right qualifications puts you ahead of the competition as you search for your first job. There is stiff competition for entry level teaching jobs. This is compounded by the fact that citizens of Europe’s member states can easily apply for work permits in the UK.

In Scotland, you must hold a teaching qualification and registered with the General Teaching Council of Scotland. For Scotland, get registered with the General Teaching Council for Wales after acquiring your teaching qualification. The same requirements apply if you are looking for a job in England.

Job Adverts and Your CV

The local newspapers normally advertise any job openings in teaching.  The internet is also a valuable tool to help you find possible job openings. If you are looking for a job in a region where you are not originally from, it might be a good idea to hire the services of a job agency.

A reputable job agency might give you better leads on available job openings. Some job agencies will also brush up your CV thereby increasing your chances of getting the job. Nevertheless, you can choose to work on your CV yourself to save costs.


While your qualifications are important, networking during your job searching period is indispensable. Considering the competitive environment of the current UK market, actively networking on a regular basis might help you land on a job opening as some openings are usually filled internally.

Attending professional teaching industry meetings is a great place to network. You might also join professional networking groups in your region and get to know the teachers. Working in paid or unpaid internships is also an opportunity for you to be hired permanently or find out job openings in the institution you are interning with.

Probation Periods

Scotland’s regulations require a probation period for new teachers. Moreover, it is more rigorous getting a job in Scotland if you did not acquire your qualification in the region. Some schools might also have either partially paid or unpaid probation periods. Make sure to confirm this during your interview or before signing any contract with your employer.

Looking for your first job is an exciting adventure. By applying the tips provided in the article, you will reduce some of the common pitfalls in searching for your first job. Nevertheless, patience and persistence are indispensable considering the current job climate.