Finding teaching jobs requires some deliberate effort from your end. Depending on where you want to work, there are different sources of acquiring information on teaching job openings. This process requires total commitment. Finding a teaching job is a job. This article discusses possible sources for you to find teaching jobs.

University Career Service

If you are acquiring teaching training from a university in the UK, make use of your institution’s career service to help you find a job. University services are usually run by lecturer’s within the universities. The best universities normally collaborate with industry in an effort to find their students jobs.

The main benefit of university career services is the availability of career mentorship. You will have to pay for such luxuries once you graduate from the university. Some university career services also provide direct placement to the best of their students. Therefore, ensure that you get good grades.

The Newspapers

Newspapers are a valuable source of information when it comes to finding teaching jobs. When employers paste ads in newspapers, they are usually trying to attract the best possible talent in the market. While this is a positive thing, keep in mind that newspaper ads will attract more applications thanks to the publicity.

The best schools usually advertise in both national and local UK newspapers. If you are looking to move to another region in the UK, you will find more job ads in national newspapers. The main disadvantage of local newspapers is that they have fewer job posts since they focus on the local job market.


People always feel more comfortable working with their friends or with those that they already know. Thus, while you might see ads in the newspapers, most jobs are filled internally despite the advertisement.

While this sounds unfair, you can exploit this fact by making an effort to network. Networking gives you an opportunity to find out about job opportunities before they become public knowledge. The best place to start networking it within your already existing social circle. You can also network within professional organizations or by attending teacher’s meetings.

Local Authorities

If your main interest is working within your locality, the best place to find out about job openings is your local authority. Local authorities usually have advertising boards where various schools within the locality put up a notice on available job vacancies.

Some local authorities regularly put up job opportunities available in their locality. Contact your local authority today to find out about any job openings. It is always a good idea to visit the person in charge of this task within your local authority. Moreover, regularly visiting your local authority’s website will assist you to find out about available teaching job openings.

Career Fairs

Attending job fairs is a great way to find out about available teaching job opportunities. Most universities hold regular career fairs. Employers in university career fairs try to snap teaching talent before graduation. There are also regular career fairs held at different dates in the various regions in the UK.

If you are attending a university career fair, come prepared with your CV at hand. University career fairs offer a great opportunity to network. For other types of career fairs, always attend them while dressed officially. Follow up on any leads that you receive.